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Whether the project is a 1500 LF bridge span across a river or parking lot reconstruction, coordination is the most critical component for success. Construction coordination involves management of project inspections, normally this is done on a day to day basis as city or county inspectors are often on site.

Material testing and construction staging are as vital as project inspections are. Earthwork must be correctly compacted per specifications and staging of construction activities helps maintain a clean and efficient job site. Construction coordination also involves scheduling sub-contractors and reaching project milestones on time. Each project has a special order in which construction must take place and balancing this order takes experience.


After project approval and before construction begins, construction staking takes place. Construction staking ensures proposed site appurtenances are built in the designed location.

Many times an inspector will require a contractor to re-construct the new feature if staking was not followed correctly.


Development permits are required at many levels. Federal permits include USACE Nationwide Permits, FEMA LOMR, LOMA, and Elevation Certificates. State permits include TxDOT Driveway Construction. Local permits include Floodplain Development.

On most of our larger projects multiple permits are necessary. We have found it is very important to include permitting time in the project timeline as multiple reviews by each agency may take place. Also, the time required to process individual permits widely varies from agency to agency.
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